This is a topic that everyone has a differant opinion about. I think that we should have more homework. We need to really understand what we are doing during the class time. When we do get the homework,the teachers would have to check it everyday. Its not that I would like this,it's that I would really want to know what i'm doing without having a problem.Other students would probably disagree because they most likely don't have time because of clubs or sports but it will help.

Also, the homewrok should be exactly what we learned during the class time. Sometimes when we get homewrok we think it's super hard because we think we've never seen it before. That is my opinion on the topic More or Less Homewrok,"

04/20/2013 10:09pm

I would never have guessed you would want more homework! Most kids wouldn't, it's true, but I see where you're coming from. We may not realize it, but homework is extremely helpful.


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