My experiance at ISTE was fantastic. I feel like it went very good for us
Techeteens. While we were at ISTE our responsibilities were just to behave. My
favortie part about conferance was being able to tell others what we did in our
classroom and presenting them the work we've done. I loved how some people were
very interested in hearing about us. My most favorite part of the trip was our
excursion day. 
 I will continue to use the skills i've learned in Mrs.fields class by using all of the
cool apps that we used to make a project or and presentation for my future
cLasses. ISTE was a big experiance for me along with the trip.
We all have five sences,sight ,touch ,taste ,smell, & hear. If you had to lose one, which would it be? For myself it would be smell. The reason is because it is the least important out of all sences to me. I can live in a world without smelling some ways it will be better not smelling certain things.
   For sight is important because I would like to see what my surroundings are. Taste is VERY important to me because I love food. Without hearing we would'nt be able to listen to music or hear what people are saying. Touch is because it's fascinating by just touching all sorts of textures like animals.
I say that nutrition is much more important than taste. There are some foods that are healthy and tasteful and the same time. Usually kids think that taste is best because it tastes good but very unhealthy. Also, if the school is serving tasteful foods than they should have something nutritional on the side. It also helps if nutritional because tasteful can cause weight gain.
 Kids in school usually want to eat more tasteful because they're kids. Barely anyone wants to eat nutritional because its not tasteful. Eating healthy is much way better because it will lower obesity.So therefore I think nutrition is more important that taste.
   What do you think innovation means to you? To me, innovation means someone who thinks different from everybody else. They are brave, courages, but also they make mistakes. They have their own opinion, they don't care what anyone thinks,it all depends on themselves. When I think of someone who is innovative I think of Martin Luther King.
    He wanted everybody to be equal. He didn't care what anyone else though about it , he liked that idea. He didn't care if someone was against it...he did what he though was right.Also somebody else would be Steve Jobs. He had an idea he thought of, and persuaded it. Now millions of people use his technology around the entire world.
The technology I would get rid of are cars. They pollute the entire world. Its used by millions of people around the whole world. If we would stop using them than it would help our enviorment. Also, if we would stop usuing maybe people would ride bikes to get in better shape. Others may get electrical cars instead of gas ones. There are plenty of ways for people like us to get around.
I do believe that we would do better without it. The reason is because of pollution. Thats what my opinion on what technology we could get rid of.
(check out my video on weekly digital assaignment page)
This is a topic that everyone has a differant opinion about. I think that we should have more homework. We need to really understand what we are doing during the class time. When we do get the homework,the teachers would have to check it everyday. Its not that I would like this,it's that I would really want to know what i'm doing without having a problem.Other students would probably disagree because they most likely don't have time because of clubs or sports but it will help.

Also, the homewrok should be exactly what we learned during the class time. Sometimes when we get homewrok we think it's super hard because we think we've never seen it before. That is my opinion on the topic More or Less Homewrok,"
When podcasting, never say or put your last name. You don't want anyone to know it. When podcasting it's important to know what your going to say or do. So just plan out everything before you record. Also don't use 'like' when speaking.
Arguement essay's have to differant ideas of a story. Its almost trying to persuade you to believe or do someting. Some examples are 'should schools have more homework?' Many people will agree and others will disagree. In my case I will disagree. It all depends on your own opinion.
There were many state standards on my deleted scence. If you would ike to see them go to and check them out.
A world without all the rules we have would be like chaos. Everyone would be doing whatever they want and not being safe or anything like that. And also people everywhere will be crazy! Plus, our nature that we live in would be polluted from all of the trees they will burn or cut down.